Album review: 'Home For Days (EP)' by GOSTO

Album review: 'Home For Days (EP)' by GOSTO - GOSTO

Home For Days (EP)


Home For Days holds a special place in my heart and in my life. When my daughter was just born, she suffered incredibly from cramps and the nights were very long. With this EP, I always managed to calm her down and - yes - even put her to sleep. I must have listened to Home For Days maybe a hundred times from start to finish. Yet, I'm still not tired of it; it's that good.

The first song, What It Means, is a delightful start. A lot happens in this song, but everything is subdued and tight, making the entire track sound incredibly clean.

Lucky night increases the tempo and is characterized by a nice bass line. But here too, the distinctive clean character of this album comes to the fore. I Don’t Mind continues in the same vein, but brings some calm back, seamlessly flowing into Yurnodalone. This is perhaps the weakest track of the EP, but still a wonderful song and perfectly fitting in the progression of the EP. The fifth and final track is Focus: a track that is the perfect closer. The energy from the beginning of the EP comes back and you feel the song build up until it suddenly ends… and then you immediately regret that it's over.

Yeah, what can I say… just a great album!

We've included the song "Lucky Night" on our Editor's Picks playlist. Be sure to give it a whirl!


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