Album review: 'Souvenirs' by Novelists



A debut album that has garnered considerable attention in the progressive metalcore community. This French band's work is often compared to the sounds of Northlane and Periphery, blending technical and groovy guitar work with melodic metalcore elements. The album showcases a balanced mix of heaviness and melody, with the band adeptly merging technical guitar wizardry and melodic ‘core elements to create a cohesive listening experience.

Tracks like "Inanimate" and "Earth Grazer" introduce the album with a heavy groove, while "Gravity" unveils the band's capability to blend intense metalcore rhythms with melodic intersections. The guitar work throughout the album is noted for its technical proficiency and emotive qualities, contributing to the overall atmospheric feel of the record.

The lyrical content, while occasionally touching on common metalcore themes, is delivered with a mix of aggression and infectiousness. The album's production quality is also noteworthy, with a sound that straddles the line between polished and raw, contributing to its dynamic range.

"Souvenirs" has been described as a solid foundation for Novelists to build their career upon. The album is recognized for its mix of technicality, atmosphere, and brutality, and while it may not reinvent the genre, it certainly adds a fresh and enjoyable perspective to it. The latter half of the album, in particular, is seen as more cohesive and representative of the band's intended sound.

Overall, "Souvenirs" is a debut that showcases Novelists' potential in the progressive metalcore scene. It's a record that resonates with fans of the genre and stands as a testament to the band's musical abilities and promise for future releases.


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