Album review: 'Closure / Continuation' by Porcupine Tree

Closure / Continuation

Porcupine Tree

After way too many years, Porcupine Tree have come back. And dang, it's a good record. As a long time fan of the band, it could have been a disappointment, but they didn't let that happen. I was actually at the live recording in Amsterdam and it was 3 hours of absolute musical joy.

The album kicks off with "Harridan," a strong opener. A standout track is “Of the New Day,” which might even be Steven Wilson's favorite. It really shows off the band's skill in mixing different moods, from dark and heavy to melodic. Steven Wilson's vocals and guitar play a big part in this. Then there's “Rats Return,” a mix of intense guitar and vocals that packs a punch.

Another great track is “Dignity,” with a catchy, upbeat melody that reminds you of The Beatles and ELO. The lyrics make you think, touching on self-reflection and homelessness. “Herd Culling” has complex arrangements that nod to their older work, but still feels fresh.

The album also has “Walk the Plank,” a less standout but still captivating track. It wraps up with “Chimera’s Wreck,” a big, emotional number that shows just how good the band is at progressive rock.

The deluxe album adds songs like “Population Three,” “Never Have,” and “Love in the Past Tense,” each adding to the album's rich mix of sounds.

All in all, Closure / Continuation is a great mix of the Porcupine Tree we know and love, with some new twists. It's sure to please long-time fans and draw in new ones. It shows the band's talent for staying relevant in the progressive rock scene.

Now let's just hope it's going to be Continuation instead of Closure.


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