Album review: 'Wrong Side of the Radio' by Savannah Campbell

Wrong Side of the Radio

Savannah Campbell

Savannah Campbell's debut full-length album, "Wrong Side of the Radio," is a concise gem, clocking in at 36 minutes. Its brevity, however, does not detract from its quality. In fact, this album exudes a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere that is both refreshing and engaging. The indie essence is palpable throughout, thanks to the record's authentic, unembellished production, which adds a layer of genuineness to the listening experience.

The opening track, also the album's namesake, immediately establishes the tone, introducing listeners to Campbell's distinct style. Following this, "Neon Seconds" serves as a lively contrast to its predecessor, effectively energizing the listener. The album's progression, with tracks like "Closing Down the Casino," "My Spare Time," and "I Missed It," builds momentum skillfully, leading to my personal highlight, "'99."

The latter part of the album continues this trend of high-quality tracks, showcasing a variety of production styles that, while diverse, maintain a consistent level of excellence. This variety demonstrates Campbell's versatility as an artist and her ability to navigate different sounds while keeping her unique voice intact.

Overall, "Wrong Side of the Radio" is a testament to Savannah Campbell's burgeoning talent and potential in the music scene. It's a strong statement from an emerging artist, indicating that Campbell is indeed an artist to watch. Her ability to create an album that is both cohesive and varied is commendable, making this debut a promising start to what could be a noteworthy career.


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