Gear review: Yamaha HS5 Monitor Speakers


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Gear review: Yamaha HS5 Monitor Speakers -

Yamaha HS5 Monitor Speakers

The Yamaha HS5 monitor speakers are a popular choice among home studio owners and audio professionals seeking accurate sound reproduction. Known for their clean design and precise audio delivery, these monitors provide a reliable baseline for mixing and mastering. Here’s a detailed look at what makes the HS5 stand out in its category.

Design and Build Quality

The Yamaha HS5 sports a minimalist design, typical of the Yamaha HS series, with a sleek white cone and a matte black finish. The construction is robust, suggesting that these monitors can withstand the test of time and use. The compact size of the HS5 makes it ideal for smaller studio spaces, where conserving space is crucial.

Sound Quality

One of the standout features of the HS5 is its sound quality. The monitor delivers a flat and honest frequency response, which is essential for accurate monitoring. The bass response is tight and controlled, although somewhat limited due to the smaller 5-inch woofer. This limitation is expected in this size category and can be mitigated by pairing the monitors with a subwoofer. The way I work around this, is by doing my last mix check on my home hifi set-up, but that's not something that works for everyone.

The highs are crisp and clear, thanks to the 1-inch dome tweeter, which handles high frequencies without adding harshness. The mids are well-presented, making these speakers particularly good for vocal and midrange instrument clarity.


For mixing and critical listening, the HS5 performs admirably. The sound stage is impressively wide for monitors of this size, with good stereo imaging that helps in pinpointing the placement of instruments within a mix. The detail across frequencies aids in making informed mixing decisions, a critical factor for audio production.

Connectivity and Controls

The HS5 provides basic but adequate connectivity options, accommodating both XLR and TRS inputs, which is sufficient for most studio setups. The rear panel includes room control and high trim response controls to adjust the monitors to the acoustics of different spaces, an essential feature for achieving the best sound in varied environments.


Ease of use is another strong point of the HS5. The controls are straightforward and intuitive, allowing even those new to audio production to set up and calibrate the speakers with minimal fuss. This simplicity, combined with their reliable performance, makes the HS5 a favorite among those establishing their first home studios. There is just one thing I dislike about these monitors: the volume controls are separate. That means that you have to match the left and right speaker volume by hand, and I don't feel that the knobs give you that much accuracy. So that takes some fiddling around, but eventually you will get it right.


The Yamaha HS5 monitor speakers offer great value for those in need of accurate sound reproduction in a compact form factor. While they may not deliver the deep bass response that larger monitors can, their clear and honest output across other frequencies makes them an excellent choice for detailed mixing and general audio work in small to medium-sized rooms. For anyone building a home studio, or for professionals needing a secondary set of monitors for smaller spaces, the HS5 comes highly recommended.

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