Single review: 'Rise' by 10 Years


10 Years

Today, the 1st of February 2024, 10 Years dropped their new single "Rise". It's very much in the distinct style of 10 Years, but there's something else. It may be the melodic line that is somewhat standard, but it also gives a familiar feeling to the song that makes it an instant favourite.

Of course, the guitars are strong, the vocals are on point, the drums are tight, the bass is an extension of the drums and there are some soundscapes and synths that glue the song together very nicely.

Let's say: it's no Novacaine (probably my favourite song by 10 Years), but it's a nice new single that makes me hungry for the upcoming album. By the way, the single also contains two previously released songs: I Remember and The Optimist.

Happy rocking!


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