Single review: 'What Was I Made For' by Billie Eilish

What Was I Made For

Billie Eilish

Billy Eilish's "What Was I Made For", the famous song used in the Barbie movie, strikes a chord with its simplicity and depth, showcasing her signature blend of minimalistic production and heartfelt lyrics. The song dives into themes of identity and purpose, asking big questions in a way that feels both personal and universal. Eilish's voice, with its unique blend of vulnerability and strength, carries the song beautifully, making each word resonate.

The production, handled with the usual finesse by her brother Finneas, keeps things understated, letting the lyrics and vocal performance shine. It's this less-is-more approach that really lets the song's emotional weight come through, drawing listeners into a moment of introspection alongside Eilish.

Overall, "What Was I Made For" feels like a quiet conversation, one that might not have all the answers but is worth having nonetheless. It’s a solid track that adds another layer to Eilish’s evolving sound, proving once again why she’s such a standout artist.


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