Single review: 'Award Show Taylor Swift' by Bowling For Soup

Award Show Taylor Swift

Bowling For Soup

Award Show Taylor Swift was actually released more than 10 years ago, but Bowling For Soup have apparently decided to bring it out again as a single.

I'm sure most Bowling For Soup fans will think the same thing: it's a good song that's great fun, but it's by no means the best they ever released. It makes you wonder why they decided to re-release exactly this song... who knows, they might do a collab with Taylor Swift soon, which would be absolutely awesome. She might be up for that?

The song is good fun and in exactly the style you would expect from Bowling For Soup. To be fair, they never disappoint anyway (and it's been one of the most memorable live concerts I've ever been to). Make sure to give it a listen!


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