Single review: 'Final Day' by Got Got Need

Final Day

Got Got Need

Final Day is a wonderful indie rock tune by the Scottish band Got Got Need. A band that first came together in 2020 for a one off gig, but found the collaboration so powerful they decided to stick together as a band.

The song has a really nice uptempo vibe and has all the ingredients you need for a rock song: overdriven guitars, solid drums, a well thought out underlying bass line and of course a strong singer.

The song starts out with a short guitar intro, going into the first verse, a relatively long pre chorus and then a banger of a chorus. I like how it comes back to the original relaxing arrangement from the verses. You really feel a cadence in the song that helps keep it interesting. There is a guitar solo forming a beautifully crafted bridge that breaks up the song very well.

At 4:48 it's quite a long song for industry standards, but that is by no means a bad thing. The only personal issue I feel with this song, is the dynamic range. I feel like they fired up the compressor and/or limiter pretty hard during mastering, which flattens out the song and takes away some of the dynamics. Is this a problem? Not really, it may very well even be a stylistic choice. It's simply a great song and they deserve a lot more than the 3k monthly listeners they now have on Spotify!

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