Single review: 'Worst Thing' by Kasolojo

Worst Thing


The song Worst Thing by Kasolojo is a wonderful, vibrant pop song. But don't let the happy vibe of the song mislead you into thinking it's about nice things. The line "you're the worst thing that ever happened to me" gives an idea of what the song is about.

Although it doesn't say it literally, it seems the song is about a toxic ex that makes everyone's life around them worse. It's about the isolation you end up in when you're around someone who drives everyone away from you and urges you to do the same. About gaslighting, manipulation and acting innocent when confronted with their behaviour. In other words: no meaningless lyrics in this song.

The song is a wonderful example of a new pop artist making awesome music. Give Kasolojo some love and listen to Worst Thing on Spotify, TiDAL or wherever you stream your music!

You can also find Kasolojo (along with other great independent artists) on our Editor's Picks playlist.


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