Single review: 'Father' by KERRY & Arminia


KERRY & Arminia

In a touching piano driven ballad, KERRY and Arminia really know how to convey how it feels when your father isn't in the picture and doesn't really care to be either. The lyrics really make me believe the song is autobiographical for both singers, which adds even more gravity to the whole song.

The song has beautiful peaceful piano throughout and has wonderful vocals by both KERRY and Arminia. I do feel like the vocals get a little buried in the mix sometimes, which makes it harder to hear the lyrics. Probably a conscious artistic decision, because it does give the song a certain piano heavy vibe that might cater to a more ballad oriented audience.

The production as a whole is outstanding. There is a nice reverb on the piano, giving the track depth in the room. The addition of the drums give the song a forward motion, which is exactly what it needs during the middle section of the song. And the vocals... well, those are as exemplary as you may expect from KERRY.

In other words: Father is an outstanding production and most certainly a worthwhile listen!


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