Single review: 'Disguise' by Lisa Keane


Lisa Keane

Disguise is a catchy pop tune with a great flow. The song has a very modern feel to it, but also has something familiar that I can't really put my finger on. The cadence of the song is great: every couple of bars there seems to be something new happening. And change is important for an interesting song!

The vocals sound excellent. Whether on purpose or by accident, it seems like the vocals have been processed using the mixing playbook of The 1975. And if you ask me that's a big compliment. While writing this review I've been having it on repeat and I might keep it on repeat for a little bit when I'm done. In other words: it's an exciting song that doesn't get boring!

Lisa Keane is a small artist with only 123 monthly listeners. The song only has 1.639 streams at this point in time. In other words: give her some love and listen to her amazing song!

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