Single review: 'Angel Face' by Oscar and the Wolf

Angel Face

Oscar and the Wolf

When Oscar and the Wolf drop a song, I'm always curious. I've been a long time fan of the Belgian artist. Especially at their live concerts, the whole vibe changes into a celebration of life and love.

But enough nostalgia. How about this new single? Obviously it's good. This song is about heartbreak, about being left alone... a feeling everyone knows all too well. Max (the singer) has a way of being vulnerable in a song that is not often seen in the musical industry. You can hear he's for real. It's not a coincidence that Oscar and the Wolf describe their own music as "Disney music for adults".

Angel Face has a simple pop structure and flows well. There are no big drops or changes in intensity, apart from the strategic instrumental silence which lets the vocal pop out and introduces the chorus very well. It does slowly increase in intensity though, which is something I always really like.

Another nice touch is the extra "empty" bar after the bridge. It makes you "long" for the chorus, which is a good thing.

In short: great song. If you've never heard of Oscar and the Wolf before, I'd start out with a song like "Warrior", which is much more intense. Also listen to the whole album "Infinity", which is still my personal favourite. Nevertheless, Angel Face is a great listen!


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