Single review: 'Nickel For Goodbye' by Racoon

Nickel For Goodbye


Racoon, the popular Dutch band, made a switch to singing exclusively in Dutch a while ago. Thankfully they didn't stick to that though, because they really shine when they sing in English if you ask me.

Nickel For Goodbye is a great song, in which the distinct vocal sound of singer Bart van der Weide really shines. It's very much up there with earlier work, like "Love You More" and "Feel Like Flying".

The song is like a deep dive into a pool of introspection and wishes for a do-over. It's got this vibe of being a bit fed up with how things are and wanting something more real. The lyrics are like someone's inner thoughts about ditching the usual grind for something that feels more genuine.

There's the chorus that really hits home about wanting some kind of recognition for the emotional heavy-lifting in relationships. It's all about the real deal when it comes to friendships and learning from life's oops moments. It really captures the messy, complicated stuff about human connections and trying to make things right.

If you've never heard of Racoon (which is likely if you're not from The Netherlands), make sure to check them out!


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