Single review: 'Where Angels Collide' by Teniola Aliu

Where Angels Collide

Teniola Aliu

Teniola Aliu is a small artist with only about 17 followers. His latest single 'Where Angels Collide' is a great pop/electronic/hiphop (kind of hard to categorize) track that starts with a great buildup, is produced with heavy vocal processing and (therefore) a modern vibe. It's obvious a lot of thought has gone into the progression in the track, making it a pleasant listen. About halfway through the song the rap starts, that sits in the mix very nicely and is well executed. The song has rapping in it, but by no means feels like a 'rap song', which must have been a conscious decision on Aliu's part. And I think it worked out awesome!

When listening to Where Angels Collide, you instantly forget you're dealing with a starting artist. The production quality is excellent and doesn't give it away, nor does the song itself give off that vibe. That's one of the reasons we've made it an Editor's Pick and you can find it on our Editor's Picks playlist!


Editor's Pick
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