Single review: 'Control' by Too Close To Touch


Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch's single "Control" starts off with a slow build-up featuring clean vocals and drums, gradually escalating the tension. After the prechorus, the song truly unleashes its energy, dropping the chorus intensely. What makes this track stand out is its balance between soft and hard elements, keeping it engaging and listenable over multiple plays. I wasn't familiar with the band before, but I'm positively surprised by this impressive song. The single also includes the track "Hopeless." If you're into music that straddles the line between metal and rock, "Control" could be a perfect fit for you.

Sadly not much more music will be released with this singer (Keaton Pierce), as he deceased because of acute pancreatitis in 2022. It is unsure what the future of Too Close To Touch is going to be, but let's hope they find a suitable new voice for the band that can live up to what Pierce brought to the band.


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