Single review: 'Summer Ends' by Vitruvian Soul

Summer Ends

Vitruvian Soul

Vitruvian Soul is a proper indie pop band. And their song Summer Ends is a good example of the indie vibe they give off. Production-wise, they absolutely nailed it. I like the clean mix and roomy atmosphere the delays and reverbs provide. The guitars really pop, but don't get in the way of the (outstanding) vocals.

It's quite cool that they've not gone for a big and loud chorus. Instead they've added another vocal on top in the second chorus to add more intensity throughout the song. Then there's the guitar arrangement that kind of acts as the intense part of the chorus.

Another thing you don't see all too often, is a guitar solo basically ending the song. Okay, there's an outro, but the last thing that "really" happens is the guitar solo. And it's a nice one too.

Nothing about this song is over the top. It's all very contained and easy listening. It's an absolutely wonderful piece of music and if you're into rock, punk or pop, I'm sure you'll find something in this track that you'll like.

By the way, you can also find this song on our Editor's Picks playlist!


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